Chair - Mojtaba Bgherzadeh



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Welcome to Chemistry Department of Sharif University of Technology founded in 1966. The staff and faculty members of our department have endeavored to create a program of study in which the students, while learning theories, become acquainted with new advances in chemistry and acquire a level of competency that enables them to continue their education anywhere in the world or work in a modern research center or industry.

The department has employed the most modern educational and research instruments and offers both undergraduate and graduate programs. In undergraduate level, two different programs including Pure Chemistry and Applied Chemistry are offered. The goal of the undergraduate program is to train students capable of pursuing either professional careers or advanced graduate studies. The two–year M.Sc. programs in several fields including Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry are offered. In the Ph.D. program, the students may work on any area of their interest such as: Surface Chemistry, Natural products, Polymers, Chemometrics, Reaction Kinetics, Electrochemistry, Theoretical Researches and Analytical Instrumentation. At the present time, the department is comprised of 20 faculty members and 20 staff. Many of our faculty members have been granted prestigious teaching and research awards and are at the cutting edge of research activities related to chemistry.

Our 13 educational and 20 research laboratories in the department have been well equipped to conduct educational purposes as well as scientific researches.The number of publications of our department has increased considerably in the last decade and we estimate that our participation in the production of chemistry will continue to accelerate progressively annually.We hope our webpage will keep you informed concerning current activities. If you are one of our 1400 alumni, welcome home. Please refer to our homepage frequently to monitor our progress in all areas of chemistry.