Professor, Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, University of East Anglia, Norwich NR4 7TJ, England, 1991.
Research Interests: Hyphenated Techniques (Chromatography, Mass spectrometry), Separation Sciences (SPE, SPME, SDME, SBSE, SPDE), Novel Sorbents, Environmental and Biological Analysis, Fluorescence Spectroscopy.
Email bagheri @ sharif.edu
Tel. (+98)(21)6616(5316)
Room (9-415)




Professor, Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran, 1998.
Research Interests: Metal complex catalyzed oxidations of organic compounds, Synthesis of inorganic complexes, Mechanistic study of oxidation catalysis, Biomimetic catalytic systems.
Email bagherzadeh@sharif.edu
Tel. (+98)(21)6616(5354)
Room (9-420)




Dr Fttahi
Associate Professor of organic Chemistry.
Research Interests:Metal complexation behavior of biomolecules,Conformational analysis of amino acids, peptides & DNA nucleosides ,Mechanism of organic & biological reactions
Email: fattahi@sharif.ir
Tel: (98)(21)(66165342)


Assistant Professor, Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran , Iran, 1998.
Research Interests: Macrocyclic Chemistry-Synthesis and Metalion complexation Fullerenes, Synthesis and Chemistry Heterogeneous Catalytic effects of Inorganic Membranes
Email ghanbari @ sharif.edu
Tel. (+98)(21)6616(5307)
Room (421)


Professor, Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry (Surface Chemistry), Bradford University, Bradford, England, 1977.
Research Interests: Electrochemical power sources (Fuel cells components, Supercapacitors components), Electrodepositions (Alloys, Compound semiconductors), Heterogeneous catalytic processes (Hydrogen production, Total and partial oxidation).
Email gobal @ sharif.edu
Tel. (+98)(21)6616(5304)
Room (9-428)



Professor, Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry,Manchester University (UMIST), UK,1979.
Research Interests: Photo catalyst (Preparation and photo degradation effect (on bacteria & pollutants), Catalyst (Kinetic investigation of hydrogenation reaction in presence of catalyst), Computational method in substituent and solvent effect, Solvent effect (Determination of solvatochromic parameters of solvents and their effect on reaction kinetics).
Email gholami @ sharif.edu
Tel. (+98)(21)6616(5314)
Room (9-411)


Professor, Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry, University of Nevada, Reno, USA, 1980.
Research Interests: Organic synthesis, Oxidation of organic compounds, Solid supported reagents, Application of microwave irradiation in organic chemistry, Chemistry of aromatic compounds.
Email mhashemi @ sharif.edu
Tel. (+98)(21)6616(5313)
Room (9-225)




Dr Jamali
Assistant Professor of Inorganic Chemistry.
Research Interests: Synthesis and Characterization of Organometallic Compounds.
Email sjamali@sharif.edu
Tel. (+98)(21)66(5334)
Room (9-)









Dr Kia
Assistant Professor, Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran.
Research Interests: Laboratory- and Synchrotron-based Chemical Crystallography and Photocrystallography; Structural Chemistry of Mo(VI)- and Mo(V)-Oxo Complexes; Synthesis and Structure of Cu(I) Complexes with Bulky Heterocyclic NN-donor Ligands; Structural Diversity in Halocuprate(I) Anions; Synthesis, Structure & Crystal Engineering in Re(I)-Tricarbonyl Complexes with Nitrogen-Donor Ligand.
Email rkia@sharif.edu
Tel. (+98)(21)6616(5332)
Room (9-410)


Associate Professor, Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran, 2006.
Research Interests: Metal- Nanoparticles Based Detection Methods for Biomolecules, Synthesis Metallic Nanostructures for SERS, Chemiluminescence, Spectroscopic Study of Quantum Dots and Metallic Nanoparticles.
Email hormozi @ sharif.edu
Tel. (+98)(21)6616(5337)
Room (9-432)


Professor, Doctorat d'Etat, Organic Chemistry, Louis pasteur University, Strasbourg France, 1981.
Research Interests: Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds, Chemistry of natural products and medicinal compounds, Microwave promoted organic reactions, Synthesis of nanocatalysts and their application in organic chemistry.
Email matloubi @ sharif.edu
Tel. (+98)(21)6616(5309)
Room (9-406)


Assistant Professor, Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

Research Interests: Chemometrics, Multivariate Analysis (Multivariate Curve Resolution, Multivariate Classification, Multivariate Optimization), Second-order Calibration, Independent Component Analysis, Application of Chemometric Methods in Hyphenated and Multi-dimensional Chromatographic Measurements, Chromatographic Fingerprinting, Complex Samples Analysis (Natural products, Pharmaceuticals, and Environmental)
Email h.parastar @ sharif.edu
Tel. (+98)(21)6616(5306)
Room (9-416)



Professor, Doctorat de Science in Polymer Chemistry, Paris VI University, Paris, France, 1982.
Research Interests: Chemical modification of natural polymers as a set of biopolymers in order to prepare: Smart superabsorbent hydrogels, Drug & agrochemical delivery systems, Metal –ion absorbents, Nanoparticles, nanocomposites & nanoreactors.
Email purjavad @ sharif.edu
Tel. (+98)(21)6616(5311)
Room (9-412)



Professor, Ph.D.in Organic Chemistry, Univrsity of Massachusetts,USA,1974.
Research Interests: Organic synthesis under solvent-free conditions and in water as solvent, Reaction of allyl (cyclopenta dienyl) iron (II) dicarbonyl with iminium salts.
Email saidi @sharif.edu
Tel. (+98)(21)6616(5303)
Room (9-407)




Instructor, Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, Manchester University, Manchester, UK, 2008.
Research Interests: -
Email setayesh@sharif.edu
Tel. (+98)(21)6616(5338)
Room (-)





Associate Professor, Ph.D. in Quantum Mechanics, University of Tarbiat Moaellm, Tehran, Iran, 2001.
Research Interests: Conceptual foundations of physics and chemistry, Quantum theory, Statistical physics, Thermodynamics, Information theory.
Email shafiee@sharif.edu
Tel. (+98)(21)6616(5308)
Room (9-413)





Professor, Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry, Isfahan University, Isfahan, Iran, 1999.
Research Interests: Design, fabrication and application of electrochemical sensors, Ion selective membrane electrodes based on ion carriers, Electrochemical synthesis, Electrochemistry of pharmaceutical and biological compounds.
Email shahrokhian@sharif.edu
Tel. (+98)(21)66(5359)
Room (9-416)


Professor, Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry, Univrsity of California, Davis, USA, 1992.
Research Interests: Dynamic NMR spectroscopy (DNMR), Structure elucidation of saccharides, 1H/ 13C chemical shifts in the gas phase, Calculation of chemical shielding and nuclear quadrupole coupling constants (NQCC).
Email tafazzoli @ sharif.edu
Tel. (+98)(21)6616(5305)
Room (9-410)


Assistant Professor, Ph.D. in Theoretical Chemical Physics, University of Toronto, ON, Canada, 2011.
Research interests: Determination of flammability limits, Mathematical chemistry, Quantum-Classical dynamics
Email : a.nassimi@sharif.edu
Tel. (+98)(21)66165377
Room (9-326)