Hormozi-Nezhad Group

Khatereh Pashangeh


from Sep 2015 to Mar 2016

I was born in Jahroom, Iran, in 1986. I obtained my B.Sc. degree in pure Chemistry at the University of Kharazmi and M.Sc. degree in analytical chemistry at Shahid Bahonar university of Kerman. I entered the Shiraz University as a PhD candidate and started working on the synthesis of SPION nanoparticles for enzyme immobilization. Recently, I have joined to Dr. M. Hormozi-Nezhad group, Sharif University, as a Visiting Scientist. My research is about enzyme activity assay using Surface Plasmon Resonance Band of Au nanoparticles.

Hadi Behrooj Pili


from Nov 2015 to May 2016

He was born in Pili (Dehdasht), Iran, in 1985. He received the B.Sc. degree in pure chemistry from the Yasouj University, Yasouj, Iran in 2008, and the M.Sc. degree in analytical chemistry from the Shahid Bahonar University, Kerman, Iran in 2011. His main areas of research interest are separation and preconcentration method (LPME and SPME), electrochemical and optical sensors. His doctoral project is about coupling of microextraction methods with solution scanometry as an inexpensive detector for determination of metals ion and organic compounds. He joined Dr. Hormozi-Nezhad research group as a visiting student from October 2015 and his aim is visual sensing of organic compound by simple scanner.