Sirous Jamali
Assistant Professor of Inorganic Chemistry
Department of Chemistry,
Sharif University of Technology
Tehran, Iran
Tel: +98-21- 66165334  
Fax: +98-21-66005718
Research Interest:
Synthesis and Characterization of Organometallic Compounds

PhD: Inorganic Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Shiraz University  
MSc: Inorganic Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Shiraz University
BSc: Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Isfahan University of Technology  


  1. Synthesis, Structure and Photophysical Properties of BinuclearMethylplatinum Complexes Containing Cyclometalating 2-Phenylpyridine or Benzo{h}quinoline Ligands: A Comparison of Intramolecular Pt-Pt and π-π Interactions. Sirous Jamali,* Rafal Czerwieniec, Reza Kia, Zahra Jamshidi, Manfred Zabel.  Dalton Trans., 2011, 40, 9123-9130



    2. Organoplatinum(II) complexes containing chelating or bridging bis(N-heterocyclic carbene) ligands: formation of a platinum(II) carbonate complex by aerial CO2 fixation. Sirous Jamali,* Dalibor Milic, Reza Kia, Zahra Mazloomi Hallimeh Abdolahi Dalton Trans., 2011, 40, 9362-9365 (Selected as front cover)



  1. Cyclometalated Cluster Complex with a Butterfly-Shaped Pt2Ag2 Core Sirous Jamali*, Zahra Mazloomi, S. Masoud Nabavizadeh, Dalibor Milic, Reza Kia, Mehdi Rashidi. Inorg. Chem. 2010, 49, 2721–2726



  1. Binuclear cyclometalated organoplatinum complexes containing 1,1'-bis(diphenylphosphino)ferrocene as spacer ligand: kinetics and mechanism of MeI oxidative addition. Sirous Jamali*, S. Masoud Nabavizadeh and Mehdi Rashidi, Inorg. Chem., 2008, 5441- 5452
  2. Associative and Dissociative Mechanisms in the Formation of Phthalazine Bridged Organodiplatinum(II) Complexes. Mehdi Rashidi, S. Masoud Nabavizadeh, Ahad Zare, Sirous Jamali, Richard J. Puddephatt. Inorg. Chem., 2010,  18,  8435–8443
  3. Assembly of Symmetrical or Unsymmetrical Cyclometalated Organoplatinum Complexes through a Bridging Diphosphine Ligand. S. Masoud Nabavizadeh, Mohsen Golbon Haghighi, Ahmad R. Esmaeilbeig, Fatemeh Raoof, Zeinab Mandegani, Sirous Jamali, Mehdi Rashidi, Richard J. Puddephatt. Organometallics 2010, 29, 4893–4899
  4. Oxidative addition of methyl iodide to a new type of binuclear platinum(II) complex: a kinetic study.  Sirous Jamali, S. Masoud Nabavizadeh and Mehdi Rashidi, Inorganic Chemistry, (2005) 44, 8594-8601
  5. A Comparison of binuclear dimethylplatinum(II) complexes with the bridging X(PPh2)2 , X= CH2, NH, Sirous Jamali, Mehdi Rashidi, Michael C. Jennings and Richard J. Puddephatt. J. Chem. Soc. Dalton. Trans (2003) 2317
  6. Oxidative addition reaction of diarylplatinum(II) complexes with MeI in ionic liquid media: a kinetic study.S. Masoud Nabavizadeh, Hamid R. Shahsavari, Hajar Sepehrpour, Fatemeh Niroomand Hosseini, Sirous Jamali and Mehdi Rashidi. Dalton Trans., 2010, 39, 7800–7805
  7. Cyclometalated organoplatinum(II) complexes: first example of a monodentate benzo[h]quinolyl ligand and a complex with bridging bis(diphenylphosphino)ethane. Mohsen Golbon Haghighi, Mehdi Rashidi, S. Masoud Nabavizadeh, Sirous Jamali and Richard J. Puddephatt. Dalton Trans., 2010
  8.  Diorganoplatinum(II) complexes with chelating PN ligand 2-(diphenylphosphinoamino)pyridine; synthesis and kinetics of the reaction with MeI. S. Masoud Nabavizadeh, Elham S. Tabei, Fatemeh Niroomand Hosseini, Niloofar Keshavarz,  Sirous Jamali and Mehdi Rashidi. New J. Chem., 2010, 34, 495 – 499
  9. Uncommon solvent effect in oxidative addition of MeI to a new dinuclear platinum complex containing a platina(II)cyclopentane moiety. S. Jafar Hoseini, S. Masoud Nabavizadeh, Sirous Jamali, and Mehdi Rashidi. Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2008, 5099–5105
  10. Substitution reaction on binuclear organoplatinum complexes: Kinetic and mechanistic study. S. J. Hosseini, S. Masoud Nabavizadeh, S. Jamali and M. Rashidi.  Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 692 (2007) 1990-1996
  11. Unsymmetrical organodiplatinum(II) and organodiplatinum (IV) complexes containing bis(diphenylphosphino)methane as bridging ligand. General approaches for synthesis and characterization by multinuclear NMR Studies. M. Rashidi, S. Jamali, M. Hashemi Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 633(2001) 105-113
  12.  Kinetic and mechanism of cleavage of O-O bond in hydrogenperoxide and dibenzoeylperoxide by arylplatinum(II) complexes.M. Rashidi, M. Nabavizadeh, Sirous Jamali J. Chem. Soc Dalton Trans (2001) 3430-3434


Presentations and Participations:

  1. Dinuclear cyclometalated platinum complexes with bis(diphenylphosphino)ferrocene spacer ligand XXIInd International Conference on Organometallic Chemistry July 23-28, 2006 ( Zaragoza Spain).
  2. Workshop on Bioinorganic Chemistry: held in Petra, Jordan, January 1-8 March, 2007, (taught by Prof. Stephen J. Lippard(MIT),  directed by Prof. Roald Hoffmann , Funded and  Sponsored by US National Science Foundation.
  3. Molecular structure and luminescence properties of a bimetallic Pt(II) complex  [Pt(bhq)(CH3)]2(dppm), R. Czerwieniec, S. Jamali, S.M. Nabavisadeh, M. Rashidi, S. Záliš, H. Yersin, 17th International Symposium on the Photochemistry and Photophysics of Coordination Compounds, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, June 24-28, 2007.
  4.  Frontiers of Chemical Sciences (III) Research and Education in the Middle East Istanbul December 8-13, 2007 Funded and Sponsored by UNESCO, IUPAC, CCC, ACS, RSC and GDCh
  5. Mechanistic study of oxidative addition of MeI to binuclear cyclometalated organoplatinum complexes. Observation of Trans to Cis Isomerization.41st IUPAC World Chemistry Congress Torino (Italy) August, 5-10, 2007.
  6. Uncommon Solvent Effect in Oxidative addition of MeI to a new dinuclear unsymmetrical   Organoplatinum(II) complex. S. Jafar Hoseini, Sirous Jamali, S. Masoud Nabavizadeh, Mehdi Rashidi. 9th Iranian Inorganic Chemistry Conference, 7-8 March 2007, Semnan University, Iran
  7. "Chemistry Conference 2009" QAFCO-TAMUQ, Texas A&M University at Qatar, January, 8, 2009, Doha, Qatar.
  8. A New Cyclometalated Cluster Complex via the Pt-Ag Dative Bond. Sirous Jamali, Zahra Mazlomi, R. Kia, S. Masoud Nabavizadeh and Mehdi Rashidi. 11th Iranian Inorganic Chemstry Conference 13-14 May 2009, Isfahan, Iran.